Junior Jameson & Adam Shiner

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Description: Junior Jameson helps Adam Shiner out of his shirt. Adam has a lean, tight build and he's looking for a little rub down. He lays down on the bed and Junior begins massaging his back and neck. Junior slips off Adam's underwear, grabs the bottle of massage oil and applies a bit to Adam's back. Junior takes his time, working his way slowly down to Adam's firm bubble-butt. Junior finds a plump surprise as he begins working on Adam's butt cheeks and legs. Adam's cock is rock-hard as if the massage was already turning him on. Junior's fingers begin teasing Adam's asshole and Adam begins gyrating his pelvis as he gets even more turned on. Junior reaches down and grabs ahold of Adam's cock with one hand and starts stroking it slowly. His other hand focuses on Adam's firm, tight ass; teasing his hole by slipping his fingers in and out. Adam rolls over on the bed and Junior continues jacking Adam's thick, uncut cock. Junior can't resist and leans over swallowing every inch of Adam's thick dick. He lays down beside Adam and the blowjob massage begins. Adam is really getting into the situation and starts face-fucking Junior. The hand job resumes and the moans of pleasure coming from Adam's mouth get louder. His body goes almost completely rigid and his balls all but disappear as Adam blows a thick load of creamy jizz all over his abs. Completely satisfied he lays back on the pillow, looks over at Junior and gives him a big smile.